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I live in Murfreesboro, TN and study science.

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Thai Coconut Soup with Curried Cod

Last week, Joseph, Willa, and I went to dinner, and we shared a bowl of this fantastic soup as a starter.  So a few days later, I went to my favorite international market in Nashville and picked up all the ingredients that I THOUGHT I needed to recreate this soup. 

Joseph and I spent an hour or so prepping everything, and all my taste tests were going fine.  While not exactly the same as the dish we’d tried, our soup base had a good, round flavor.  Joseph cleaned and deboned the fish and cut it into bite sized pieces.  When I went to add the fish to the soup to finish it up, I noticed that it had a tougher-than-usual texture, but I didn’t give it much thought.  Instead, I tossed it in. 

Apparently, the cod was salted.  The soup was ruined.  Joseph suffered through his bowl, but I threw mine out.  I had leftover barbecue instead.  IT WAS THAT BAD. 

I thought I’d share.

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