I'm Anna Mooney. This is no longer just a food blog. I am a home cook, a mother, a blogger, and a crafter. I wear many hats. And socks.
I live in Murfreesboro, TN and study science.

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Southern Food, Food for Poor People

We were broke last week so I decided to make homemade biscuits, red cabbage, pork with rosemary, white beans, and mashed potatoes.  I think it cost us around $6, and we managed to squeeze 3 meals out of it.  In fact, we still have biscuits in the freezer and white beans in the fridge.

As an added bonus, we had some homemade muscadine jelly from Joseph’s mom. 

I wish I had some recipes to post, but they would just be arbitrary measurements since I didn’t use any recipes or write anything down.  Southern cooking at its best.

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